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The Power Transformer manufacturing facility located in Rincon, Georgia was built in 2009 by Efacec Energia using the best engineering and concepts available to manufacture core and shell technology transformers from 30 MVA to 1,500 MVA in voltages from 69 kV all the way to 525 kV, with a total capacity of 24,000 MVA. The facility opened in 2010.

The facility is state of the art with controlled environment throughout  in order to assure pressure, humidity and temperature for top quality insulation material and other critical parts and materials used in the transformer manufacturing process. The plant is ISO 9001:  2008, ISO 14001: 2004 and OHSAS 18001:2007 certified.
During the middle of 2014, Efacec was facing difficult times due to the economy collapse in South Europe and specifically Portugal, most of the financing lines and working capital of Group Efacec were severed as banks in the country went bankrupt. There was no availability of capital to continue to support the operations in Rincon and as a result, Group Efacec decided to look for a reliable company in the power transformer business that could carry the transformers U.S. operations ahead and carry out their initial vision for the facility. After careful analysis and due diligence, Caravels LLC, DBA Georgia Transformer Corp. purchased Efacec's U.S. Power Transformer manufacturing facility in December, 2014.
Georgia Transformer provides U.S. Commercial and Field Service
Since taking over the plant in January 2015, Georgia Transformer has been focused on strengthening the business and operations while keeping the foundations established by Efacec in tact, such as the Engineering designs and manufacturing process.
Georgia Transformer has formed an alliance with Virginia Transformer to provide expertise in improving Georgia Transformer's business processes and planning tools in various functions of the company. This alliance will ultimately strenthen the company so Georgia Transformer Corp. can better meet the needs of its customers. 

Georgia Transformer offerings:

  • Core-Type Power Transformers
  • up to 350mva and 345 kv (BIL 1175kv)