The focus of our attention is to secure the continuous and conditioned electric power supply for critical industrial and commercial applications. Hence we specialize in designing complete UPS system solutions, which are mainly used in the global oil & gas, petrochemical, chemical and nuclear, conventional power generation industries.

The Gutor PxW is successfully tested under extreme environmental conditions as well as under seismic conditions. The firmware is certified according to IEC 60880 for NPP (Nuclear Power Plant) applications. With a very flexible design, it can meet nearly any requirement.

The Gutor PXP with its PFC rectifier (Power Factor Correction) will drastically reduce the THDi (harmonics at the input) to a very low level. Therefore, it is the right choice for applications where less distortion to upstream networks is important.

The Gutor WxW are built on the same platform as our flagship Gutor PxW. They work properly under the harshest conditions met in oil and gas as well as other heavy industries. To satisfy the requirements of NPP (Nuclear Power Plant) installations, the firmware is certified under IEC60880 for third party.

With its broad range of possible DC voltages, the SDC is very flexible and can meet specific requirements and a wide range of autonomy times. Similar to the other products built on the xxW platform (PxW and WxW), the SDC will withstand the harshest environmental conditions. The firmware is certified according to IEC60880 for NPP (Nuclear Power Plant) applications.

GUTOR by Schnieder Electric offerings:

  • Industrial UPS Systems
  • 5kVA-220kVA, 1 & 3 ph UPS Systems
  • 1 & 3 ph Output Inverter Systems
  • Battery Charger/DC Supply Systems
  • 24-220 VDC, 25 – 1200 Amps
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