Phoenix Electric Corporation has been designing and manufacturing products for the transmission and distribution industry for over 30 years.

In times where more and more manufacturers are gravitating to “standardized” products, Phoenix Electric prides itself on providing customized solutions tailored to specific customer requirements. More than half of the company’s employees are experienced engineers with the skills and expertise to custom design products and systems to meet your specific application needs—fully and without compromise.

Committed to quality, Phoenix Electric manufacturers all its products in accordance with all applicable ANSI / IEEE / NEMA / NEC standards and inspects them under strict Quality Assurance guidelines fully consistent with ISO 9001 standards.

So, the next time a standard product doesn’t fully meet your needs, contact Phoenix Electric about a no-compromise, custom solution.

Phoenix Electric offerings: 

  • Air Core Reactors – Current Limiting
  • Medium & High Voltage Connectors
Phone: 713-290-1151
Fax: 713-290-1167